Over an investor’s lifetime, small percentage differences have a profound impact on wealth. 爱因斯坦在他的名言中谈到了这种力量, “复利是世界第八大奇迹。. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.”

聪明的投资者——能够利用小幅度的超额表现 随着时间的推移 - fares considerably better in matters of wealth than his fellow, non-optimized investors. 一个价值100万美元的账户,投资者的平均收益是0.5% greater return over 25 years would earn more than $500,000 more that their counterpart. This example of a small-percent outperformance, while seemingly nominal, speaks to the benefits of a 财富管理策略 focused on optimizing the small details to realize significant results.

这篇文章集中在2%的优势-一个小, 可实现的, sustainable outperformance over the duration of an investor’s lifetime. We’ll see the difference in a 2% outperformance over the lifetime of an investor and present strategies an investor can use to realize this outperformance advantage, going beyond the investments in their portfolio to optimize their entire financial picture. 对于精明的投资者来说, the investment to gain a 2% outperformance 随着时间的推移 pays more than dividends in its return.

来说明2%的优势在一段时间内的威力, we will use the hypothetical scenario of an investor with an account of $1,000,000. 给出年化S&P performance since 1957 has been 8%1 and that most investors take a balanced approach to investing, we will use a 6% annualized return for the investor diversified between equity and fixed income.

超过25年, an investor annualizing a 6% return will have an ending balance of $4,291,871. 他们的表现优于同行, 平均每年超过2%(总计8%), 会有6美元的余额吗,848,475.


场景1: 比投资者平均6%的回报率高出2%

转化为现实世界的结果, 表现优异的投资者将获得额外的250美元,每年退休后的收入是1万美元.

除了2%的比较,6%和8%的回报率, 如果十大娱乐老平台进一步复合的优异表现, including investors who sustain outperformance of 10% and 12% throughout their lifetimes, the example becomes more clear - sustained outperformance at marginally higher levels has a significant impact on the total wealth of an investor. The below graph visualizes the extreme difference between an investor returning 6% and 12% annually.


场景2: 在过去的25年里,投资者的边际表现越来越好

超过25年, the investor earning a 12% annualized return ends with a balance almost three times as great as the investor earning 6%. While a significant amount of the 12% return can be attributed to the risk premium associated with holding 高风险投资, there is a middle-ground where risk mitigation and optimized wealth management strategies - like increased tax efficiency and cost savings on mortgages and credit lines - can be used to target the same 12% return with lower risk.


在上面的例子中,十大娱乐老平台在谈论 投资组合表现. 然而, 很多投资者都知道, sometimes the greatest returns come in the form of decreased costs 随着时间的推移. For an investor purchasing a home worth $1,000,000, the interest rate can be as high as 2.875%. 假设20%的首付, 这笔贷款的利息总额是394美元,890英镑,每月付款3美元,319.

将这个利率与通过顾问融资的低利率进行比较. 例如, 芝加哥的合作伙伴, 通过私人合伙, 能为客户提供低至1的利率吗.25%. 是同样的 抵押贷款融资 在芝加哥合作伙伴的帮助下, 投资者将节省超过200美元,在抵押贷款的整个期限内支付利息.


场景3: 10年的利率比较(2.875% vs. 1.250%)的按揭贷款

在上面的例子中, 较低的利率为投资者节省了近100美元,抵押贷款只有10年.

While obtaining an interest rate on a house is only one example of applied wealth management, the general theme can be expanded to all areas of an investor’s financial picture. 例如, 储蓄在低利率抵押贷款中的资金可以再投资, 进一步的复利价值较低的利率.

无论是低利率, 通过PAL额度或信用额度明智地使用保证金, or an investment portfolio that achieves a slightly-better-than-average return through optimized asset allocation, the intelligent investor can accumulate these slight advantages to realize the 2% outperformance over their lifetime.


在芝加哥的合作伙伴, our advisors are consistently focused on finding strategies that give clients a sustainable outperformance advantage in their total wealth management plan. Focusing on the 投资策略 alone is not enough - the truly optimized wealth management plan looks at 税收的后果, financial planning, financing and banking solutions, insurance planning, and intelligent 遗产规划 in order to build a comprehensive 财富管理策略 that stays focused on an investor’s financial goals and objectives.

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